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Sorry it's Pink
1: Radiohead - 15 Step
2: Black Keys - Strange Times
3: Depeche Mode - Wrong
4: Death Cab - Grapevine Fires
5: Fiona Apple - Criminal
6: Cake - Blue
7: Ingrid Michaelson - Die Alone
8: Jimmy's Chicken Shack - Do Right
9: Authority Zero - Mexican Radio
10: Killers - Glamorous Indie rock & roll
11: Cure - A letter to elise
12: Muse - (Forgot the name of the song, oops!)
13: Presidents of the united states - Video Killed the Radio Star
14: Blind Melon - No Rain
15: Aqualung - Brighter than Sunshine
16: Apocalyptica - (Metallica cover)


For the first time in my entire life here... I feel like I am home.

Never before have I actually felt that I am living somewhere I fit in... I mean, there was that one week on my "vacation" that I felt like I was in the right place...

But never in Arkansas have I felt right..

Not until I was handed this mix-tape CD thing... I mean... Wow...

Its like you have this book that you read and read for your entire life.. But then you notice some hidden chapter or maybe a secret message you never noticed.. An AMAZING message or chapter at that!

I think... I feel... Content.


(I would be SOOO much more happier if I could just get a flippin' comment in already!)

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that looks like a great lineup. who gave you the mix?

Friends from the Hall.. "Christopher's wife" is what I prefer to call her! ^.^

She is mostly a house wife, she told me she has tons of time on her hands and I have 4 more CD's to expect....

I told her I was going to give her my N64, because that's just sad. :P

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