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I'll even let you use my favorite coffee cup...
Rawr.. That's about it for today.

I just woke up and for some strange reason cannot get back to bed... The one day I could "sleep in" and I totally can't fall asleep again...


This Sunday I get to go out and hear Chance's cousins(?) band play at their house.. I got an invite somewhere *looks around* it was like an actual party invite thing he was passing to "select" people....

Weirdos... :P

After that I get to go to have that "Reenie" roast at Chris and Robbins house. Ha, she told me I could use it as a way to escape Chances and then tell her how dreadful it was!!!! ^.^

Me, Chris, and Robbin always hang out until 10 (or later) after the meeting.. Talking about absolutely nothing...

This last time we were out in the parking lot and I just looked at them and said "I don't know if I am holding you guys up or if you guys are holding me up!".

Twas a bit of both.

I also enjoy the fact that whenever one of us says "oh we gotta get going" we take like 2 steps towards the door and then get caught up in a whole new topic for another five minutes (this has actually happened three times now).

Hmm, I need more Elliot Smith....

OH! Final tid-bit!!

My friend (Mariana) texted me last night right before work...... "Are you free tonight?" --- "No, I have to work, whats up?" --- "Do you want to take a roadtrip to Missouri with me.. Like RIGHT NOW?"

This was the worst part of my night because I would have LOVED to take a random road trip for no reason (ok there was a very small reason)... I wish I could have missed last night because I would be there right now!!

(She ended up going with her dad.. I we texted back and fourth until she got there... Somehow I have custody of her kid now! :P)

Rawr, there goes the Smith man again... I think I will go crash and listen to a bit-O-that.


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