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HW - Indie
Sooooo I checked some of my old recordings and decided it was time to start a new youtube channel... This is only for (good) music recordings I get... Most of it WONT be anything me and weasel do together... Unless it totally rocks your socks!


Videos that you need to watch?

She's the Antagonist concert... He played "An apple a day" and "Take me".... Oh man.. That was just... Intense..

The other part of his little "apple a day" trilogy was a new song he wrote.. He had a great transition and the song really was amazing..

I got to see Brekke Wall (one of Chances friends) bands play a concert and they did an encore of "Major Tom"  for me... I got a nifty recording of it as well!!

Chance and I were talking about his band and I asked him if I could get a recording of it a while back so I could put it on my Ipod.. Its a totally sweet song!!! "Kleptomaniac"

I plan on uploading a version of "Sunshine on a Melancholy flower" here.

Weasel man is working on this super long (super amazing) song.. I tried recording it a time or two and kept messing up.. I ended up as the producer for his work as well.

He has this thing were he puts on a fake voice to sing and its mostly from his throat (it reminds me of simple plan or blink 182..). I helped him get out of that and add a little more passion to his words.

When that song comes up I will be so happy.. It is amazing everytime he plays it for me... I love his guitar, I love how he ends some words, I love how everything goes quiet and he says something like "...but you don't really care..." and that amazing guitar picks up.... OY!

Then once me and weasel finish our "standing on fire" song that will go up.. 

I hope to catch some of Josh's band playing and maybe Brandon's band.. Chance has a full band song to play with a piano thats supposed to be amazing.

Yep, I have big dreams for this channel and I don't plan on lagging it down with bullcrap!! ^.^

(As for the other one.. We are still working on funny videos for it... We just are super rusty!!)


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