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"I sang my chimichanga song all the way up here...."
"...But there was no chimichanga...."

Hi... *scratches*

I am a little less tired than normal.. Even though I only have 3 hours of sleep under my belt at the moment! 

I quit my second job because of the move to DeQueen.. I already applied at McD's and as SOON as I walked through that door I had people point at me and say to their boss "Hire that man right now!".

It was a really sweet experience.

I am very excited about this month and next month.. I am booked..

I have a lot of bands to go out and see around here and I have a convention I might be going to! 

Andrea, Chris, and Robbin will be going to the Shreveport 3 day convention... Which is going to be WAY easier for me to get off on... Which ='s awesomeness.

Speaking of Andrea, she totally brought me a bunch of apple pies last night and kept me company until 2 A.M.!!

She met Josh who IMMEDIATELY texted me "How old is she? She's really hot"


Lidia popped in after Andrea left... I have a feeling you don't know who Lidia is, but I met her one year (A LONG time ago) at college.... She was from Chicago and we just had this HUGE conversation about music..

She is back down from Chicago and she (somehow) recognized me as soon as she saw me!... It's been sweet seeing her again.

I comment each meeting now.. I make sure to raise my hand at the bare minimum of 3 times a meeting.

I got my first 'big' comment in where I went on for more than just rereading what the book said.. (I hate doing that.. But sometimes its the only thing I can do to comment).

I had planned on making a super-comment.. I mean it was going to be SNAZZY!!... But as SOON as he said "Christopher Albright" my mind went BLANK... I couldnt even remember how the comment started...

So I sighed.. I laughed.. and I waited to see what the first word would be when my mouth opened...

No lie.

It wasn't as awesome as planned and I stumbled a bit.. But it still came out.

Shannon was supa-proud.

*stretches* I should go get semi-ready for today.. Gotta go see Chance and get my hair cut... OH and I get to meet the CO tuesday night.. (In which I also wear the new snazzy suit!)

*nods* things are running pretty smooth...

And back to the sweet music scene really fast, here's my months sweet film schedule:
June 21st - filming Justin on acoustic first.. Later hitting up a song by Daniel and Josh.

June 26th - Filming an indie band at a coffee shop, was told they had a nice sound

June 27 - Metal band from OK

Early July - A blues band from OK

July 17th - Indie band from Shreveport (I messaged them about my project.. They were totally cool about it!) called "Lackadaisies"

Random other people: Weasel man, more Chance, Maybe Kirt, and someone I met named Chris.

I am really excited about getting all of this music out there... I love how these videos get 40 hits in two days already and how everyone is being so supportive about it.

It's just one of those things where a guy goes "Hey, I think its time we collect our music as a whole and share it with eachother!" and the other people go "Dude! I want to play!" and then everyone starts playing and everyone gets more and more encouraged about their art...

Until eventually we have a music scene.

This has actually pumped up some people to really work hard at what they do..

Puts a smile on my face.

.....And how is your life?


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