"I sang my chimichanga song all the way up here...."
"...But there was no chimichanga...."

Hi... *scratches*

I am a little less tired than normal.. Even though I only have 3 hours of sleep under my belt at the moment! 

I quit my second job because of the move to DeQueen.. I already applied at McD's and as SOON as I walked through that door I had people point at me and say to their boss "Hire that man right now!".

It was a really sweet experience.

I am very excited about this month and next month.. I am booked..

I have a lot of bands to go out and see around here and I have a convention I might be going to! 

Andrea, Chris, and Robbin will be going to the Shreveport 3 day convention... Which is going to be WAY easier for me to get off on... Which ='s awesomeness.

Speaking of Andrea, she totally brought me a bunch of apple pies last night and kept me company until 2 A.M.!!

She met Josh who IMMEDIATELY texted me "How old is she? She's really hot"


Lidia popped in after Andrea left... I have a feeling you don't know who Lidia is, but I met her one year (A LONG time ago) at college.... She was from Chicago and we just had this HUGE conversation about music..

She is back down from Chicago and she (somehow) recognized me as soon as she saw me!... It's been sweet seeing her again.

I comment each meeting now.. I make sure to raise my hand at the bare minimum of 3 times a meeting.

I got my first 'big' comment in where I went on for more than just rereading what the book said.. (I hate doing that.. But sometimes its the only thing I can do to comment).

I had planned on making a super-comment.. I mean it was going to be SNAZZY!!... But as SOON as he said "Christopher Albright" my mind went BLANK... I couldnt even remember how the comment started...

So I sighed.. I laughed.. and I waited to see what the first word would be when my mouth opened...

No lie.

It wasn't as awesome as planned and I stumbled a bit.. But it still came out.

Shannon was supa-proud.

*stretches* I should go get semi-ready for today.. Gotta go see Chance and get my hair cut... OH and I get to meet the CO tuesday night.. (In which I also wear the new snazzy suit!)

*nods* things are running pretty smooth...

And back to the sweet music scene really fast, here's my months sweet film schedule:
June 21st - filming Justin on acoustic first.. Later hitting up a song by Daniel and Josh.

June 26th - Filming an indie band at a coffee shop, was told they had a nice sound

June 27 - Metal band from OK

Early July - A blues band from OK

July 17th - Indie band from Shreveport (I messaged them about my project.. They were totally cool about it!) called "Lackadaisies"

Random other people: Weasel man, more Chance, Maybe Kirt, and someone I met named Chris.

I am really excited about getting all of this music out there... I love how these videos get 40 hits in two days already and how everyone is being so supportive about it.

It's just one of those things where a guy goes "Hey, I think its time we collect our music as a whole and share it with eachother!" and the other people go "Dude! I want to play!" and then everyone starts playing and everyone gets more and more encouraged about their art...

Until eventually we have a music scene.

This has actually pumped up some people to really work hard at what they do..

Puts a smile on my face.

.....And how is your life?

HW - Indie
Sooooo I checked some of my old recordings and decided it was time to start a new youtube channel... This is only for (good) music recordings I get... Most of it WONT be anything me and weasel do together... Unless it totally rocks your socks!

Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/HWindie

Videos that you need to watch?

She's the Antagonist concert... He played "An apple a day" and "Take me".... Oh man.. That was just... Intense..

The other part of his little "apple a day" trilogy was a new song he wrote.. He had a great transition and the song really was amazing..

I got to see Brekke Wall (one of Chances friends) bands play a concert and they did an encore of "Major Tom"  for me... I got a nifty recording of it as well!! 

Chance and I were talking about his band and I asked him if I could get a recording of it a while back so I could put it on my Ipod.. Its a totally sweet song!!! "Kleptomaniac"

I plan on uploading a version of "Sunshine on a Melancholy flower" here.

Weasel man is working on this super long (super amazing) song.. I tried recording it a time or two and kept messing up.. I ended up as the producer for his work as well.

He has this thing were he puts on a fake voice to sing and its mostly from his throat (it reminds me of simple plan or blink 182..). I helped him get out of that and add a little more passion to his words.

When that song comes up I will be so happy.. It is amazing everytime he plays it for me... I love his guitar, I love how he ends some words, I love how everything goes quiet and he says something like "...but you don't really care..." and that amazing guitar picks up.... OY!

Then once me and weasel finish our "standing on fire" song that will go up.. 

I hope to catch some of Josh's band playing and maybe Brandon's band.. Chance has a full band song to play with a piano thats supposed to be amazing.

Yep, I have big dreams for this channel and I don't plan on lagging it down with bullcrap!! ^.^

(As for the other one.. We are still working on funny videos for it... We just are super rusty!!)

I have worked at wal-mart for two years now.. I had my evaluation last night...

Then I noticed I have come a long ways...

Three years ago... I was not who I am today...

Three years ago... wow.. Just wow... What happened?

Three years ago I had just started making a transition into music.. I was just starting to find bands I liked and just starting to learn more and more about indie music.. I remember when I found out that what I liked was called "Indie" and how weird that was.

I had just broken up with my first girlfriend and was deeply, deeply, deeply depressed.. I rarely ate anything and hated myself... I ended up finding someone else and falling in love..

I lived in Michigan three years ago... With Amanda, my girlfriend..

I went to my first coffee house, felt my first taste of freedom, and did many firsts with Amanda.

Back to Arkansas with her only to get my first job at a fast food place.. I weighed 220 when I started there and I remember that by the time I had left I gained 30 more pounds.

My mom left me and Amanda for a trucker for a while.. That was awkward times.. Mom wanted off the truck because it turned out he was crazy... Me and Amanda had very little money because I had quit my first job and started at a chicken plant.. Only to quit that later on..

Then when mom finally returned I scored a maintenance job at Wal-mart... I was the only person in the house working and I never saw a dime of my money...

I was always broke back then..  I remember a few times I would have to actually look hard to find change on the ground because I had no money on me. 25 cents and I could buy a small apple or thing of ramen noodles.

Then came the time I needed to buy new clothes and instead of XL I somehow squeezed into some medium shirts.. Then instead of 42's in pants I got 34's... Everyone just gave me this amazingly weird stare when I walked into the store wearing the new stuff.. I remember that as one weird night because of how self-conscious I am...

I moved out of my house with Amanda.. Pretty much decided we were going to get married..

Started making friends and becoming far more social... I went out with them often and it made Amanda very mad... I came home from work slightly late (A friend dropped me off) and she started beating me with a newspaper.. He laughed at me and from then on I was dubbed as "whipped".

Things got progressively worse. A friend was down on his luck and we invited him to live with us..


After a while I decided to shave my head.. So we did so.. He shaved it bald though...

My hair was down toward the mid of my back at least... So this was my first haircut...

Then people talked about Mickey and Amanda and I caught them sleeping together constantly.. Then I found out they were doing the things I heard and we broke up..

And so dawns more depression.. (Yay!)

Started a band with the Weasel man... "Baby driving a Camaro Through Hell with a Trunk full of Onions"

Couldn't play the guitar... But still had fun...

Made more and more friends.. Eventually got off the floor work and became a door greeter...

Then I decided I was not going to be depressed over something this stupid and started trying to help people..

I somehow became the guy that everyone opens up to... I can think of all of my friends and say something very intimate about them that no one else knows.. Or see a side of them no one else has... Then there was the one chick who just flat out opened up to me the first time we talked because I "Just felt like the kind of person you can open up to".

(This is probably one of the biggest crowning achievements in my entire life.. I am very proud of my standing with people and how I have been able to connect with people with ease..)

Made an amazing best friend.. And maybe went up to NC for a little to see them.... Maybe...

(The ONLY person to know just about everything about me.. From heart to head..)

Found a bit-O-faith... Walked into a meeting and sat down.. Listened, Enjoyed, and kept coming back...

Cut my hair again, got a suit, got a tie, got some shoes, got some books, learned some facts, made some MORE friends.. Like tons more... Read, read, read, read, read.... Study, study, study, study, study....



Took way to long...

Made a few random more friends...

Took a few people to the meetings..

Buying a sexy car.. (By the time I reread this I will laugh and think about how the sexy car broke down only a few months later and I ended up in just some little toy car.. Or maybe how the car got stolen.. Or maybe how I still have the car and its just not as sexy as it use to be...)

(Another note for myself: Xanga)

And I am far to busy in life these days to do much anything.. I am actually writing this on borrowed time.. I need to be asleep right now because I have to get up in about 4 hours... *Le sigh*

I have slowly gotten more and more comfortable about my prayers.. Especially before meals...

At first things were so awkward for me.. I would be near people and just have to go off somewhere and pray..

Now I can do it without thinking much about it.. Last nights had much more meaning than normal.. Which made me happy.

For the last month or so (A little over actually...) I have been raising my hand for comments...

First a tiny scared hand...

Then a scared one..

Then a semi-scared one...

Then just a hand..

Then one where I was like "OK its normal to do this.."

Then a hand in the air (higher than normal)

Then a hand thats actually just flippin' up...

Then a full on "OVER HERE" kind of hand.. The kind that are almost fully extended and totally reach over EVERYONES head...............


The best part is that this last one I did I finally got noticed... Jerry was calling on people and it was just a simple scripture read... He said "Brother arseno...." then glanced at me.. His eyes got big.. He gave me a "im so sorry" look... ^.^

Then after the meeting he told me he had no clue and felt bad and I just put my arm around the man... Took a sigh... And told him "Look, its OK.. But this next meeting we are going to get together and I am going to let you know 'Hey, I want to be called on for this here' mkay?"

: P

Yes, I hate taking help like that but I decided its going to be the only way I get called on!!!

Plus I am going to sit on the "good side" of the hall... (Chance told me my side is the one that fewer people comment from)


OH and the final things I have done.. CONCERTS! Two of em... Great, both of them, great....

The only thing on my agenda is:
Make comment
Move up more in congregation
Move out of house (on my own)...(very soon... 6 months at the latest)
More concerts (bigger ones)

OK that might be it for now...


So yeah, that was me rehashing my life.. Three years... So many changes...

From fat hippie kid to a clean-cut acoustic playing nerd...

From Jewish-atheist to Witness-awesomeness (Like seriously awesomeness...)

From broke to sexy car

and from a social slug to a flippin' awesome social "pow, pow, pow" machine gun thingy...

..hey, this is my journal.... I get to write about anything I want to about myself...

This is me, I am finally getting more comfortable with myself and finally able to admit a lot of things to people..

I hope things keep going this way..

I really need to be in bed right now..

*Le sigh*

One of these days I will have an honest off day.. And when that day happens no one will see me... I don't even plan on bathing that day.. I will just be like a rock.. Not moving, just silent and semi-conscious... I need some kind of video game, a bag of cheeto's, and a 24 pack of drinkages.... MAN would that be nice... Oy, or a movie!!...

.....Yeah I am scheduling myself a day off here soon..... It sounds entirely to great right now.... *bounces with excitement*

I can see it now: I got through the checkout line... "Oh, your having some kind of massive party aren't you!?"... "No, just hanging out with myself"... "....im so sorry..."

*big nod*

To them it will be pathetic.. To me it will be gassy and awesome.... Mostly gassy....


Sleep time.

OH, OH, OH, OH!!!!

Final thing I HAVE to say...

Theory of a deadman and Nickleback sound EXACTLY A FREAKING LIKE AND BOTH SUCK....

.....I had an argument with someone last night.....

*Song plays*

Me- "Oh thats the only Nickleback song that doesn't totally suck"

Them- "Nickleback doesn't suck!!"

Me- "have you ever listened to them? Not just one song at a time but a flippin' CD?!?! ITS ALL THE SAME1"

Them- "Thats what I like.. Their sound never changes so you know its them"

Me- ".........That just proves they don't know anything different!!!!"

*Another song plays*

Me- "Man you like a lot of Nickleback..."

Them- "Thats theory of a Deadman........"

Me- "Man you like a lot of generic and boring rock music."


Three awesome beliefs....
So I have been doing a ton of research and talking with a lot of people over religion... I hit three pretty awesome ones that made me go "wow this is insane... But maybe, just maybe...."

I mostly debunked it all except the third one.. Which I pretty much agree on... Or at least will love getting to use.

The bible has been re-written countless times for now-and-dayer's... Who is to say it wasn't re-written back way when? Hence the many different authors?

I mean, once you look at it, after the tower of babel only so many people could understand one another.. Meaning each book would need to be translated.. And so we had it done.

Interesting thought, yeah... But why start here? Because people state the earth is only a few thousand years old... Others state dinosaurs as a few million...

This is one answer I got involving how that works out... Another is that the Armageddon totally already went down and those are just the fallen creatures from it.. I find that an interesting concept.

The common one is that no one knows totally for sure how long gods day is.. or when he started creating things at least...

Then you have the thought of: Well if god would wipe out everyone with a flood... Why not wipe out all the dinosaurs after he created them?.. No, I'm not saying he killed them with the flood.. I am saying if the people were being so bad that he had to wipe them all away, maybe the dinosaurs sucked at life too.... Just no dinosaur built and ark to live and write about it later on... Follow me? : P

Gilgamesh Epic:
This was a totally cool belief I found... At first I was like "nahhhh" then I was like "Maybe"....  Then we hit a "nahhhh" again.

Gilgamesh is a poem.. One of the earliest pieces of material ever written.... It follows a demi-god named Gilgamesh who goes on many heroic adventures and things... In one he meets a man who is "immortal" because he survived a flood that lasted 7 days and nights and killed everyone but him...

The man built an ark to survive and told Gilgamesh that he brought two of every animal on the ark.

These texts were written back in Egyptian times... I found the read VERY interesting and the talk I had with Mikey (a friend of mine who came to work and we talked for a long time over this..) gave me his rundown about this...

Firstly he believes that Moses is the man who wrote most the bible.. He read Gilgamesh and wrote the story in the bible about it.. Then wrote Genisis and Exodus.. He had free range of the Egyptian literature because he was an "Elite" back then.

Then as far as the angels who came down and mated with the women.. He believes those were aliens... God himself is an alien.

...There was some more awesome ramble that we did but I don't remember it all...

Later I read about the Gilgamesh Epic.. It was after Noah's ark.. And there were some major flaws in how the immortal guy built his ark (I think I read that his ark would totally not be big enough and sink.. While Noah's was supposed to be amazingly accurate in ark building... I'm no whiz at ark building but I think the guy I was reading this from is one.....)

(Lets go build an ark).

So that was fun... And now for the final awesome one I found (just last night)

Jesus was NOT a human:

This one made me smile.

Logic, logic, and more logic... This is how this one is formed.. And in fact, it is just about true...

Now, for people who believe Jesus WAS God then you could not believe he was human.. I don't know the exact name of the religion that states this, but its real.. And I found one of my friends was it..

They believe Jesus was God.. But if he was God then by logic he could not be human.. Because he would be mortal.. Which means he could die.. Which God can't die.. He would also have the ability to be tempted and he would have weaknesses... He would just simply not be able to be man in the least...

They think he was some other form, but not human... I found it just... odd.. I like the logic behind why God can't be human (which there was a lot more than what I said.. I am just tired and don't remember the entire conversation).

But I just... : P I don't get... How you.. Hmm... You know.. I think someone might know what I am trying to say here... But.. I.. *growls*

You so crazy...


Anyways, those were the three awesome new religious things I found... Interesting, no?

Dinosaurs could have been from the Armageddon, and now we are in some weird judgment day thingy.
The bible could have been rewritten MANY times over because of the tower of babel.. Helping along why dinosaurs are so old...
Moses created all of religion because he read some nifty comic books from Egypt times...
And God can't be human... So Jesus couldn't be human... (hehe)

Did I mention Baptists are crazy?

DUDE, I asked Brad (crazy Baptist friend) how he felt about Catholics....

"They are a cult"

....He answers EVERYTHING with that!!!!!!... I was like "Whoa, dude.... I notice everyone but you and your little group of friends are a cult... I also notice that cults are normally the minority... Look, I'm not pointing the "your a cult" finger or anything.. But I am just kind of saying.. Hey, you so crazy..."

I need sleep..

I honestly just put this stuff up here so I could remember it later, I have a ton more stuff to study.... Rawr.

First time in a week I forgot to pray before meal.. That came as an odd shock to me after I finished eating... "Oh hey, guess what you forgot?... crap..."

Next thought?

"Maybe I can just go have a candy bar and pray over that?.. Yeah, that'll work.. I will pretend this was some little snack and thats my dinner"

Next though?

"But that's gluttony... THAT'S A SIN!!"

Next thought?

"Look, im givin' her all she's got captain!"

....OK that last one wasn't real.. But those others were totally real...

Long story short I decided to just try and remember harder next time...







I'm standing on fire... Please put me out... Please put me out...






Me and the Weasel man did a "photo shoot" for ourselves at the laundry mat.... It turned out great and then I picked up my guitar and started playing a little tune I made up.

Next thing I know he starts playing behind me and I was like "hey this sounds nice..."

Next thing I know I am writing lyrics down and saying "can we do this?.... Wait.. Lets try harmony with it..."

...So we get in the bathroom and shut the door... Then we start playing...

We did it over and over and over.. I know we played the song at very least 50 times last night...

But all of a sudden after we stopped we heard coins being put into a dryer or something...

Then we heard something amazing....

The guy outside was WHISTLING OUR TUNE!!!!!!!!

We just started laughing and played a bit louder for him....

I just notice I end sentences with a lot of ...... things....

How odd...

So we recorded and recorded, and worked and worked. Weasel made up a nice bit after what you hear there!! I helped with the guitar on it! We actually have a semi-complete song now. Its at least half-way done.

"All this room but no room for breathing
I can swim but feel I am sinking
I can't hear but think you are speaking
All this sleep but still I'm not dreaming

and I... am standing on fire...

Please put me out, please put me out

And my.. Hearts in desire...

Please tear it out, please rip it out...

I am super proud of this.. Like mega-immensely proud of this...

My fingers are killing me.

OH and we also played a few songs on the back of my car in the Wal-Mart parking lot, then on the hood of it in front of a closed store, and then the bathroom of course.

Twas a great night.


OH and other random note!

We plan on doing more music like this.. Two acoustics and both singing for most songs... We wanted to name the band something awesome..

We ended up (kind of) settling on "The Bitter Taste" but I am not sure if I like it...

That would make this the Fourth band that only ME and WEASEL play in.... Seriously?!?!?!

(Baby Driving a Camaro Through Hell with a Trunk full of Onions - We only play heavy grunge and metal here
Lime-Blue Navel Oranges - I am lead vocals and keyboard... He mostly plays bass but uses some electric
Teenagers driving a Volkswagen - Nothing but keyboards and we try to sing with a "gay" tone... : P
Bitter Taste - We actually try to play our songs.. And make it sound good.)

Last night was... INSANE.
First some back-story on two of the biggest slackers we have at wal-mart.

There is this guy named Randy, really cool dude, barely works... He gives me my breaks..

Breaks are only 15 minutes long.. He comes up there and I leave.. As soon as I get back (if it is RIGHT AT the 15 minute mark) he will stare at me and be like "are you sick?"

I of course great this with a nod and a smile and slip off for another 15 minutes.

Floor crew is an easy job, he makes sure his work gets done (or at least the bare minimum of it) and I wander around the store and get to talk to people...

We are the two biggest slackers at that store.. I mean, heck, my job is to stand and greet people!

OK now... here comes the awesome part about last night....

I accidentally brought my guitar to work (I had it over at Chris and Robbins house... I was running late so I didn't put it up).

On lunch I went to the back and started playing for Josh while he stocked (he was going to show me what he knew as well).

All of a sudden this loud, sharp, screeching siren went off............

Test? They never called for a test.... Fire?... Hmm

ALL the customers ran out the door. Later a page went through stating there was no fire.. But what was wrong?

The sirens are LOUD and just plain ear splitting....

I seen Geniva (boss) running around trying to figure out how to turn it off.. she looked just way confused...

Next thing I hear is that a pipe busted...

I ran to the back to see how bad everything was. What I saw was that the back was the new public swimming pool...


Daniel, my friend, one of my best friends on overnights (be it I try to stay away from him for the most part) nailed the pipe with a walking stacker....

He has no license to drive the walking stacker... But the boss told him to....

Oy vey...

So we are all standing there watching it rain ALL OVER the computer desk and a pallet of new computers and all of the vendors chips and just... it was everywhere....

And so begins the running of the chickens with their heads cut off..... I honestly sat back laughing about it and telling everyone to calm down...

While this went on the sirens were making everyone cranky... Geniva has no clue how to turn them off...

So I clock in and tell Randy about the problem... I then push the "silence" button on the alarms...

Yes, I know how to turn off the freaking alarms.. We do the test once a month and it turns out I am the only one who ever paid attention to what the alarm test was for...

Randy walks to the back and watches as everyone is trying to use squeegies to push the water out the door...

He laughs and says "Hey, would you guys like to keep playing in the water or should I turn it off for you?"

Some of the guys (the know-it-alls) are busy yelling how the pipes valve is up in the ceiling and Randy walks off toward the breakroom...

He reaches the main pipe valve (as soon as you come into work you see the thing.. Just no one knew what it was) and turns it off... 

The two biggest slackers in the store made the problem stop.

We were giving eachother fist bumps afterwards while we made fun of what happened..

Also, the best part for me was that we had no customers last night.. And when the water thing was going on EVERYONE on the floor was in the back trying to fix it...

I was outside with my guitar sitting on the sidewalk playing.

Ricky came out for a little (he is another floor crew guy I like) and started skateboarding for me.

It was just a good night for the guys who don't worry...

Then on a side-note of the night, Geniva was VERY solemn about what had happened.. She might be getting fired along with Daniel..

(We all plan on marching in the office and telling them off if they do fire them)

She was walking, quietly, solemnly, towards the office after we fixed everything and Josh (emo boy) was walking out from there..

Josh was DRENCHED from trying to clean up the water.... This kid takes an hour to do his hair in his emo style and has mascara on.... Running mascara and he looked like a drowned dog... (plus he is like twig skinny)

As soon as Mr.s G seen that she couldn't stop laughing.


Yep, yep....

And so THAT was the best night ever at Wal-Mart.

(Oh and we had Julie (head boss) and all the bigger super mega bosses come in... They never showed while we were there but they said they were going to)

"Really all you have left is the unpopular stuff"
"The first time I saw you, I didn't think you were special... But now I realize your the one I want to grow old with"

*starts to write a blog thing... but gets caught by more lyrics*

"Oh you, when you look at me, you make me feel So-OH glad.. Oh you, when you smile at me, you make me feel So nervous..."

*goes back... but wait!*

"I'll let you use my covers when your cold, I'll do anything for you, but now your probably in bed.... sleeping with one of my best friends"

*song ends*

*big grin*

I love this song sooooo much.

OK!! So... Last night we found out I am a total jerk!!!!

Adrianna was outside in the vestibule with me and their was a lady trying to find out which door to use...
One door has a big "use other door sign on it" the other one says "do not enter" on it... She walks up to the one that doesn't have this MASSIVE sign on it and she doesn't get close enough for it to open and gives me this weird look....

This happens a LOT to me... So I started making it a game to see what fun things I could do to people over it (I had someone crawl in through where we keep our shopping carts once..).

I looked and said "No, you can do it... Come on, you can do it, a little further, almost, almost!"

...She walks closer and the door opens...

I start a slow clap.

Adrianna's jaw drops and she is just like "YOU ARE SUCH A JERK!"

: P I honestly did not mean it rude at all, I was just messing around.. But I am indeed a jerk.. (I did it a second time while she was in there just kind of in spite of what she said!) (I told you it happens all the time)

Last night was rather awesome though for me.. I got to see:
Elder Bobby (Never really talked to him..)
His Daughter (we have an awesome handshake we do)
His wife (Super sweet lady)

Chris's brother (He had these two MASSIVE hickeys!!! I was just like WHOA!...)
His wife (Umm.. She probably gave him the hickeys? :P Yeah, no clue on her)

An older man named Sam (I was helping him out and he just looked and said "wait, do you go to the hall?" .."Err... do you?" .... Yes that was a terrible question on my part...)

And Tye (Dude is awesome I spent the last thirty minutes with him shopping.. Never spoke before today and it was pretty awesome!!!! Big white stripes fan..)

Seven people.. Sweet.. I never get that many in one night!! 

Tye and I talked for a while.. He invited me to his wedding!!!

We spoke about why everyone in the hall are such Indie music fans..

His awesome explanation?

"Well we can't really listen to metal because its a bit to angry.. We aren't encouraged to listen to rap or hip-hop because its normally bad.. Mainstream rock we have to be picky about.. And then you have the other bands like Nickleback and Shinedown.. Which yeah they are OK but they all start to sound the same after a while...
So all you have left is the unpopular stuff..."


I was just like "whoa, that makes perfect sense..."

Mmmmkay... Time to crash out again... Long day tomorrow.

"So wake up... and run your lips across your fingers til you find... some scent of yourself that you can hold up high..."

I'll even let you use my favorite coffee cup...
Rawr.. That's about it for today.

I just woke up and for some strange reason cannot get back to bed... The one day I could "sleep in" and I totally can't fall asleep again...


This Sunday I get to go out and hear Chance's cousins(?) band play at their house.. I got an invite somewhere *looks around* it was like an actual party invite thing he was passing to "select" people....

Weirdos... :P

After that I get to go to have that "Reenie" roast at Chris and Robbins house. Ha, she told me I could use it as a way to escape Chances and then tell her how dreadful it was!!!! ^.^

Me, Chris, and Robbin always hang out until 10 (or later) after the meeting.. Talking about absolutely nothing...

This last time we were out in the parking lot and I just looked at them and said "I don't know if I am holding you guys up or if you guys are holding me up!".

Twas a bit of both.

I also enjoy the fact that whenever one of us says "oh we gotta get going" we take like 2 steps towards the door and then get caught up in a whole new topic for another five minutes (this has actually happened three times now).

Hmm, I need more Elliot Smith....

OH! Final tid-bit!!

My friend (Mariana) texted me last night right before work...... "Are you free tonight?" --- "No, I have to work, whats up?" --- "Do you want to take a roadtrip to Missouri with me.. Like RIGHT NOW?"

This was the worst part of my night because I would have LOVED to take a random road trip for no reason (ok there was a very small reason)... I wish I could have missed last night because I would be there right now!!

(She ended up going with her dad.. I we texted back and fourth until she got there... Somehow I have custody of her kid now! :P)

Rawr, there goes the Smith man again... I think I will go crash and listen to a bit-O-that.

Just two more weeks...
And the car is totally mine!

Now... Prepare for the most AMAZING song ever...


I heard this and was like "ehh... that is really not all that great..."

Then I read the lyrics....

Then I fell in love....

I LOVE how he sings... How pathetic he sounds... How the entire lyric base is set around the sea...

"I still tasted kiss, that dull hook in my lips... But the memory is useless as a rod without a reel"

Hmm... I had this SUPER long rant prepared in my head just a moment ago...

I was going to go in about Republicans, God in government, KKK, and Ignorance... But somehow I am not as riled up about it as I just was.

One of my best friends is a stout Republican, and I still keep up (sort of) with my politic stuff... I stated "God and government should never mix... It only creates Republicans, and we know how useless they are".

*thinks for a moment* nah, I feel a good rant coming on! ^.^

I know in one of my studies it was pointed out that we take a neutral stance, we refuse war, we think that voting is more like saying "you can do about as good a job as God".. Which is impossible.

OK, now... Back to them amazing baptists... Or just everyone who surrounds me and likes to tell me how stupid I am.... Most of these people are Republicans because Republicans have "good christian beliefs" or as some of the more simple ones like to say "because he's not black".

*sighs* (Side-note: In college I had to argue the point of how Obama would be better choice then McCain... My 30 year old opponents big reason we shouldn't have Obama is because "He's stupid")

Now the entry is about to get boring.. But honestly I am going to look back on this for later reference when speaking to certain people..

We have Republicans telling people EXACTLY how they should live their lives and refusing second chances for kids who mess up... Then having an affair and proving how amazing they really are... (Mark Souder)

We have the ever amazing Bush... No more words needed

During election times I enjoyed the little fact that McCain was spending like 40% of his funds for slander campaigns while Obama spent less than 10% on his... (Don't quote that, I need to go re-check the facts.. I just remember during election time it was an awesome thing to shoot at people)

....These are the big "Christian" people....

I can understand how you don't want someone to abort their child.. Even if it is on their own free will...

But I can NOT understand how you want someone to go to war and kill as many people as possible and even THINK about reinstating the draft again!!!!!!!!!!!..... Against their own will.....

Seriously, freaking seriously?

I know most of the KKK around here goes to the churches. I remember when I started meeting some of them.

Its just sick how you can flaunt some kind of righteousness and then be such a flippin' hypocrite...

And be so ignorant to both whats going on in the world and what you even believe in.... *sigh*

A few studies back I was having problems accepting the "time of the end" stuff being near... I was just like "Meh, I think we have a few thousand more years.. We are totally rockin' right now"

But after reading about how things are supposed to get bad, how religious righteousness was supposed to get worse, and how people are just supposed to be so set into the world and themselves... Yeah, I can totally see it coming.

I find it amazing how I just floated on with all of this... I always fought for the Democrat side because I knew that Republicans were such hypocrites...

God and Government should not be mixed... Especially if he is going to crush the governments...

If only these people could get their heads out of their bums.... Sheesh....

Enough ranting.. Gotta try and be good now...

Oy, and get ready for work... (Just one off day, that's all I ask!!!) 

Sorry it's Pink
1: Radiohead - 15 Step
2: Black Keys - Strange Times
3: Depeche Mode - Wrong
4: Death Cab - Grapevine Fires
5: Fiona Apple - Criminal
6: Cake - Blue
7: Ingrid Michaelson - Die Alone
8: Jimmy's Chicken Shack - Do Right
9: Authority Zero - Mexican Radio
10: Killers - Glamorous Indie rock & roll
11: Cure - A letter to elise
12: Muse - (Forgot the name of the song, oops!)
13: Presidents of the united states - Video Killed the Radio Star
14: Blind Melon - No Rain
15: Aqualung - Brighter than Sunshine
16: Apocalyptica - (Metallica cover)


For the first time in my entire life here... I feel like I am home.

Never before have I actually felt that I am living somewhere I fit in... I mean, there was that one week on my "vacation" that I felt like I was in the right place...

But never in Arkansas have I felt right..

Not until I was handed this mix-tape CD thing... I mean... Wow...

Its like you have this book that you read and read for your entire life.. But then you notice some hidden chapter or maybe a secret message you never noticed.. An AMAZING message or chapter at that!

I think... I feel... Content.


(I would be SOOO much more happier if I could just get a flippin' comment in already!)


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