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"Really all you have left is the unpopular stuff"
"The first time I saw you, I didn't think you were special... But now I realize your the one I want to grow old with"

*starts to write a blog thing... but gets caught by more lyrics*

"Oh you, when you look at me, you make me feel So-OH glad.. Oh you, when you smile at me, you make me feel So nervous..."

*goes back... but wait!*

"I'll let you use my covers when your cold, I'll do anything for you, but now your probably in bed.... sleeping with one of my best friends"

*song ends*

*big grin*

I love this song sooooo much.

OK!! So... Last night we found out I am a total jerk!!!!

Adrianna was outside in the vestibule with me and their was a lady trying to find out which door to use...
One door has a big "use other door sign on it" the other one says "do not enter" on it... She walks up to the one that doesn't have this MASSIVE sign on it and she doesn't get close enough for it to open and gives me this weird look....

This happens a LOT to me... So I started making it a game to see what fun things I could do to people over it (I had someone crawl in through where we keep our shopping carts once..).

I looked and said "No, you can do it... Come on, you can do it, a little further, almost, almost!"

...She walks closer and the door opens...

I start a slow clap.

Adrianna's jaw drops and she is just like "YOU ARE SUCH A JERK!"

: P I honestly did not mean it rude at all, I was just messing around.. But I am indeed a jerk.. (I did it a second time while she was in there just kind of in spite of what she said!) (I told you it happens all the time)

Last night was rather awesome though for me.. I got to see:
Elder Bobby (Never really talked to him..)
His Daughter (we have an awesome handshake we do)
His wife (Super sweet lady)

Chris's brother (He had these two MASSIVE hickeys!!! I was just like WHOA!...)
His wife (Umm.. She probably gave him the hickeys? :P Yeah, no clue on her)

An older man named Sam (I was helping him out and he just looked and said "wait, do you go to the hall?" .."Err... do you?" .... Yes that was a terrible question on my part...)

And Tye (Dude is awesome I spent the last thirty minutes with him shopping.. Never spoke before today and it was pretty awesome!!!! Big white stripes fan..)

Seven people.. Sweet.. I never get that many in one night!! 

Tye and I talked for a while.. He invited me to his wedding!!!

We spoke about why everyone in the hall are such Indie music fans..

His awesome explanation?

"Well we can't really listen to metal because its a bit to angry.. We aren't encouraged to listen to rap or hip-hop because its normally bad.. Mainstream rock we have to be picky about.. And then you have the other bands like Nickleback and Shinedown.. Which yeah they are OK but they all start to sound the same after a while...
So all you have left is the unpopular stuff..."


I was just like "whoa, that makes perfect sense..."

Mmmmkay... Time to crash out again... Long day tomorrow.

"So wake up... and run your lips across your fingers til you find... some scent of yourself that you can hold up high..."


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